Monday, June 15, 2009

Danny Ganzs cause of Death

entertainer of the year
Do you know about Danny Gans? he is the headlines in the news here in Las Vegas couple of weeks ago. Danny Gans is one of the Famous entertainer her in Vegas who is performing in the Mirage correct me if I'm wrong, the the casino hotel i remember for now...anyways, Danny was found death early morning due to toxicity of narcotic which is Hydromorphone also known as Dilaudid. Dilaudid is one of the narcotic which causes the respiratory distress probably Danny dead because he took heavy dose of it, .you know your body well, the best thing for you when your in pain is diversional activities like watching tv, sleep, reading magazines. Narcotic intake as i heard is one of the leading cause of death of elders here due to toxicity. be care of taking this medicine as this will lead you to sudden death. thanks guys for dropping by.God Bless

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