Saturday, June 6, 2009

menudo for dinner

good evening from here,

helllo there guys, today is such a good day, its not so bad from work, i came home early with the plan to cook my favorite menudo, you know when you are by yourself eating all your food it is boring, anyway my hubby said he is going to eat with me today, its was so good dinner i have, well of course its good when it is just cheap and tasty at the same time since the gas price is goin up again, well anyway, if your car is already paid for your dont havve to worry about gas price anymore, better stay at home then, hehehe.. talking about food. at this time of crisis, it is better to just cook food rather than goin to restaurant by then less traffic, no stress, save money..until here guys...more update later...


  1. uy bungot ..mustamuz..naa ba kay adsense sa diri ug mga travel mga pix sa vegas...baya na lang...yawyaw bisan unsa...wa nay kurat

  2. raq, paliti ni ug domain..himua .com ba...kanang dili sa blogspot...sama sa ako