Thursday, July 2, 2009

Nicole and Poopsec

Hi Guys, I just wanna share with my cute little puppy dogs name Nicole and Poop sec, they are bichon frise dogs. They are our babies and they sleep with us. Just like other people think as part of their families our babies are part of our lives too without them our lives will be boring especially the little Nicole who loves to give kisses and snuggle at night to her dad and Poop sec. When you think of stress relief our babies are the ones who can help relieve all that stress in you. Many of us think that they are just dogs but for us we will not exchange our babies for anything. Thank you very much guys for dropping by. Until next time again. God Bless

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Nursing Job

Hello there guys!It was my off day today and just hanging around the house thinking the rumors from work that due to low census, there will possibility of laying off some staff. I was thinking of where will I'm gonna be if I don't have a job, whose is going to feed my family back home and here. Where will i get my food and gas for my car. Who is going to pay for my rent. There is no job security now here in USA, even you are in the medical field, some Hospitals are laying off staff left and right due to crisis nobody wants to go to the hospitals due to high cost of treatments, the medical bills instead just have self treatment at home. I am hoping and praying that this economy will get better and that i will still have a job. Thank you for dropping by guys until next time..God Bless

Monday, June 15, 2009

Danny Ganzs cause of Death

entertainer of the year
Do you know about Danny Gans? he is the headlines in the news here in Las Vegas couple of weeks ago. Danny Gans is one of the Famous entertainer her in Vegas who is performing in the Mirage correct me if I'm wrong, the the casino hotel i remember for now...anyways, Danny was found death early morning due to toxicity of narcotic which is Hydromorphone also known as Dilaudid. Dilaudid is one of the narcotic which causes the respiratory distress probably Danny dead because he took heavy dose of it, .you know your body well, the best thing for you when your in pain is diversional activities like watching tv, sleep, reading magazines. Narcotic intake as i heard is one of the leading cause of death of elders here due to toxicity. be care of taking this medicine as this will lead you to sudden death. thanks guys for dropping by.God Bless

Saturday, June 13, 2009


hello guys, it's a good day today in veags the sun is not so hot, anyways, have u heard about stress relief well, that are lots of ways to relieve it, in here where i live, it can be relieve through shopping, through fun playing with the slot machine, anyways, we went out dining with my hubby last Saturday at the M Resort here in Las Vegas located at the South part of town, i played the slot gold fish, the first time i won 10 bucks later of the game i lost all my 20 bucks, the bad thing is, how can you relieve your stress when you lost all this money your become more stress. you rather stay at home and sleep all day, all your stress will go away, save money, save time..thanks for reading guys will cya next time..God Bless

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

staying to much in bed

hello guys, how are we today, anyways i am so good today after getting up for our mandatory inservice at work and getting out of bed at 4pm today. well of course i need to sleep because i have working for 18 hours in the last to days in a row. anyways, working this lots of hours is not good since your are only killing yourself but also your feeding to much uncle sam. i have an experience with my co-worker of mind who had a high blood pressure after working too much hours in 2 days that she wasnt able to handle stress to much. so i called 911 for her and the bad thing is i need to stay over. (that is my good deed to that day). the point is dont work too hard if want to live a longer life. always give time to yourself, enjoy and always find time for your family. having enough rest and less stress will you to a healthy and long life.take care always guys and always to smile.. and everyone will smile

Saturday, June 6, 2009

menudo for dinner

good evening from here,

helllo there guys, today is such a good day, its not so bad from work, i came home early with the plan to cook my favorite menudo, you know when you are by yourself eating all your food it is boring, anyway my hubby said he is going to eat with me today, its was so good dinner i have, well of course its good when it is just cheap and tasty at the same time since the gas price is goin up again, well anyway, if your car is already paid for your dont havve to worry about gas price anymore, better stay at home then, hehehe.. talking about food. at this time of crisis, it is better to just cook food rather than goin to restaurant by then less traffic, no stress, save money..until here guys...more update later...

Friday, June 5, 2009

cancellation at work

good afternoon from las vegas,

it was such a great day today, the sun is shining brightly here in vegas, apparently not to some of my co-workers who are cancelled from work today, thank God still got the chance to work today, another day in my pay check, anyways, its pay day today, its good to see that after your hardwork you earned your price when you received your pay check. I am so thankful that after all the crisis that america is facing, i still got the job to support myself and family back..anyway guys thank you for your time of dropping by..see next time