Tuesday, June 9, 2009

staying to much in bed

hello guys, how are we today, anyways i am so good today after getting up for our mandatory inservice at work and getting out of bed at 4pm today. well of course i need to sleep because i have working for 18 hours in the last to days in a row. anyways, working this lots of hours is not good since your are only killing yourself but also your feeding to much uncle sam. i have an experience with my co-worker of mind who had a high blood pressure after working too much hours in 2 days that she wasnt able to handle stress to much. so i called 911 for her and the bad thing is i need to stay over. (that is my good deed to that day). the point is dont work too hard if want to live a longer life. always give time to yourself, enjoy and always find time for your family. having enough rest and less stress will you to a healthy and long life.take care always guys and always to smile.. and everyone will smile

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